Frequently Asked Questions



1.         What is password self-service?

Password self-service is a tool that will allow you to reset your own password, look up or create User ID without calling the Service Center/Help Desk.


2.            How does password self-service work?

Password self-service asks you for password hints that you have previously registered.  If you have not previously registered your hints please refer to number 8, below.


3.            If I've forgotten my password and am locked out of my desktop, how can I access the password self-service function?

You can access the function from another associate's desktop, but you must ask for your neighbor's permission first.


4.            I am a former employee. How can I update my personal information, view paycheck, update W-2, etc?

You can select the H&R Block Self Service for Former Associates link from within the green box  on the MyBlock home page.


5.         How do I obtain my Employee ID?

To obtain your Employee ID, you may review a prior paycheck stub, contact your manager, or call Technical Support at 1-800-767-3346.


6.           How do I obtain my SSO ID?

·   On the System Sign-On Page:  Click the “Forgot SSO ID” link

·   Fill out the required fields and then click the “Get Single Sign-On ID” button


7.            What are password hints?

Password hints are private information about you that is easy to remember.  H&R Block will collect your password hint as a means of verification.  The hint will also be used by the Service Center/Help Desk to verify you as the owner of your account in the event that you are locked out.


8.       How do I register my hint?

·   Login to MyBlock using your Single Sign-On User ID and Password.

·   Click the “My Account” tab

·   Click the “Register/Modify My Password Hints” link

·   Enter answer to secret hint question

·   Click the “Reset Secret Hint” button


9.         Why should I register my password hint?

To help reduce costs for the enterprise and allow you to reset your own password.  The average cost for each password reset performed by a Service Center/Help Desk associate ranges from $10 to $25.  Other less visible costs such as lost productivity and associate frustration from not being able to perform their jobs may occur.


10.         Who has access to my password hint?

Your password hint is encrypted and not visible to anyone with the exception of yourself and Service Center/Help Desk associates.  Service Center/Help Desk associates must use your password hint as verification when you call to request a password reset or to unlock your account. Do not share your hints with others.  For your protection, Service Center/Help Desk password resets are monitored and logged to identify any unauthorized activity.


11.      What if my account is locked?

After three failed login attempts, your account will be locked for security reasons.  To unlock your account – wait 30 minutes and try to login again..


12.      I have a lot of different accounts and passwords.  Which ones can I reset with this tool?

Password Self-service can help you reset the password for the account that you use to log into the network.  This username & password is the same as the one you use to access several other systems at H&R Block.  Currently, besides the network, you can access:   


Field Ops Dashboard


Alt Dept ID


RDC Tracking

Appt Mgr


Service Now

ART - Authoria


SOX Tool






Tax Pro Dashboard



Tax-pro email


Metevante VAM






Non Profit Referrals


Email Admin Tool

Office Readiness Reporting


EOS Download

Password services

Where’s My Money


PeopleSoft HRMS

PeopleSoft for Franchise

Peoplesoft Self service



13.      Who can use password self-service?

This tool can be used by any H&R Block user who has an SSO ID.